2023 Best Portable Jump Starter: Hulkman Alpha 85 Review

Our team has collected the Best 2023 portable jump starters available on Amazon.com. Find out this latest and the most comprehensive Hulkman Alpha 85(S) Review in our blog post here. You will know which hulkman jump starter is the right fit for you and your vehicle!

2023 Hulkman Alpha 85(S) Review

The Introduction

The Hulkman Alpha 85 is a multi-purpose jump starter whose primary task is to jump-start your vehicle. Accordint to its manufacturer, its 2000 Amps peak cranking amp can jump gas engines up to a whopping 8.5 liters and diesels up to 6.0 liters. A single charge can achieve 60 times jump-start.

Not only that, Alpha 85 jump starter offers impressive power, including 65W High-Speed Charge and a 74-Wh capacity. Their patented 65W Speed Charge supports charging from 0% to 100% in less than 1.5 hours. If necessary, over 20% of power is enough to start your car.

In addition to this, EverStart Jump Starter is also a product chosen by many customers.

The Specifications

  • Model: Alpha 85
  • Color: space gray
  • Dimensions: 9.1″H x 4.1″L x 1.8″W
  • Size/Weight: 5.83” x 4.41” x 10.75” / 4.62 lbs
  • Peak current: 2,000A
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Battery capacity: 74Wh/20,[email protected]
  • Gas/diesel rating: 8.5L/6.0L
  • Working temperature: 5°F-113°F
  • Recharging speed: 65W, 1.5 hours
  • USB QC3.0: 18W
  • Screen: 3.3″
  • Ports:
    • 1x USB-A
    • 1x USB-C
    • 1x 12V DC
  • IP65 water/dust resistant
  • Manufacturer’s 2-year limited warranty

The Package Contents

  • HULKMAN Alpha 85: 2000A Jump Starter
  • Speed Charge Wall Charger
  • Booster Clamps
  • USB-C Cable
  • DC 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter

The Design and Performance

In the hulkman alpha 85 review article, you will know this lithium-ion Hulkman Alpha 85 jump starter offers 2000 peak cranking amps, good enough to start an engine as big as an 8.5-liter gasoline model or 6.0-liter diesel. Moreover, the manufacturer claims it can perform up to 60 jump-starts over a single charge. And, you will be surprised it’s still one of the most affordable portable jump starters on the market. 

Safety-wise, this is also one of the safest jump-starting devices in Amazon. It has spark-proof technology and several other protection bits, such as reverse polarity, reverse charge, overcharge, over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, and high/low-temperature protection—yep, that’s a lot of protection! These features work together to cut the electric current if the clamps are installed incorrectly or if the smart protection module detects any potential problem.

You’ll also be pleased to know it can double itself as a power bank. It has a massive battery capacity of 20000 mAh, helping you charge mobile devices and pretty much any small electronics There are two built-in USB ports, a 12-volt DC outlet, and a flashlight too. In addition, it’s a hot device that features a fast charging technology, with a claimed 0-100% charging time of only 1.5 hours, thanks to the company’s patented 65W Speed Charge.

The Key Features

  • 12-Volt
  • 2000 Peak Amps
  • Spark proof clamps + 9 safety features
  • Fast charging technology
  • Built-in DC port and 2 USB ports (USB-A and C)
  • Flashlight with three modes
  • IP65 dust- and water-resistant
  • 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support
  • Easy to use because of non-slip handle

The Ratings and Reviews

As well as receiving Industrial Design Award (IDEA) recognition, the Alpha 85 and 85S has received many positive reviews, including more than 3000 5-star reviews on Amazon.
Additionally AutoGuide, for example, recognizes it as one of the best jump starter products. 9to5Toys said, “The Hulkman Alpha 85S Jump Starter is a revolutionary design that everyone should have in their home or car.”

  • 9to5Toys: “HULKMAN’s jump starter is a game-charger in the industry and is designed with every car owner in mind so that they can use them easily and safely.”
  • Geeky Gadgets: “HULKMAN come out with a really smart very easy to use portable jump starter; the Alpha series is a must-have accessory for any adventure”
  • Yahoo! Finance!: “The Alpha series is the most advanced product series in the market”


  1. It offers 2000A and 20000mah internal battery capacity
  2. IP65 resistance
  3. Handy fast charging
  4. It comes with a 12V port, 3.3-inch screen, and built-in flashlight
  5. Fast charging ability
  6. 20000 peak amps provide maximum efficiency
  7. Durable
  8. Loaded with safety features
  9. Colorful and informative display
  10. Generous 2-year warranty and customer support
  11. Rain and drop resistant
  12. It has USB ports
  13. Charges in only 1.5 hours


  1. It may not function in freezing temperatures
  2. It does not come with a storage bag
  3. Loses charge quickly

Hulkman Alpha 85 VS Hulkman Alpha 85S

Which to choose?

Alpha 85S Alpha 85



PEAK AMPS 2000A 2000A
BATTERY CAPACITY 20000mAh(74Wh) 20000mAh(74Wh)
WORKING TEMPERATURE -40℉-113℉ 5℉-113℉
65W SPEED CHARGE Support Support
3.3-INCH SCREEN Support Support
FORCE START Support Support
LED FLASHLIGHT 400 Lumens 400 Lumens
DIMENSIONS 9.64*4.05*1.81 inch 9.64*4.05*1.81 inch

Hulkman Alpha 85s is a newer and more advanced jump starter, while the Hulkman Alpha 85 is also convenient and easy to use as well.

The Similarities

First and foremost, the sizes are the same and can easily confuse. The dimensions are precisely similar in all aspects. The two tools have the same performance of 2000 Amps cranking peak to start vehicles of up to 8.5L Gas or 6.0L diesel engines. There is a need to ensure the devices are charged fully before jumpstarting.

Both machines have a powerful battery capacity of 20,000 Milliamp hours. Using this kind of power, both can jumpstart a vehicle as many times as sixty before requiring a recharge. During charging, both gadgets can charge from 0% to 100% in ninety minutes. The rate is quite a phenomenon for both tools.

On carefully checking on their designs, Hulkman Alpha 85 and Hulkman Alpha 85s have a 12volts 10 Amps port to power any 12V device that uses direct current. Some of the standard tools that need constant power include tire inflators and inverters. In both cases, they can achieve a 65W high-speed charge. By all standards, this speed is quite fast. Besides, both machines can withstand harsh weather conditions and dust making them user-friendly.

The Differences

For a novice, it isn’t easy to figure out the differences between the two. Although both tools enjoy a 24-month warranty, Hulkman Alpha 85s enjoys a rare pre-heat technology. Regardless of the weather conditions, even when temperatures go as low as 40°F, the machine still operates optimally.

Hulkman Alpha 85 and Hulkman Alpha 85s are designed with different battery cells. A lithium polymer is used to design the battery cell for Hulkman Alpha 85, while lithium-ion is used to design Hulkman Alpha 85s. Hulkman Alpha 85s further enjoys USB –A and USB-C ports, while Hulkman Alpha 85 only has one USB port. Nevertheless, both devices have a three-mode flashlight. You can use the jump starter as a torch too.

The actual design for the Hulkman Alpha 85 is for passenger cars, while Hulkman Alpha 85s finds its usefulness in SUVs and trucks also. Hulkman Alpha 85 comes with a 3.3-inch smart screen to display valuable settings making it easier to start your car.

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