Best Suaoki Jump Starter With Air Compressor Review

Suaoki jump starter is a product that work as a portable car battery as well as tire pump. It is an easy to use device which give assistance in car battery dead situation. Jump starting vehicle is no longer an impossible task. It has good power cell with high performance and it can supply sufficient power during emergency situations.

What is Suaoki Jump Starter with Air Compressor?

Suaoki is an electronic and solar power brand that has been in existence for nearly a decade. It’s a well-known and quality brand with a variety of products that are known for their reliability.

The Suaoki Jump Starter with Air Compressor is a powerful device capable of jump-starting the engine of most cars and other vehicles. It’s also useful for inflating tires, charging gadgets such as smartphones, and providing light in emergencies.

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SUAOKI U28 2000A Peak Jump Starter

How does Suaoki Jump Starter with Air Compressor work?

Using the unit is very simple. There are four indicator lights on the front of the unit – indicating the power left in the jump starter battery itself, as well as a light to indicate it’s charging or discharging and a light to indicate if there is a fault.

The jump starter comes with two sets of jumper cables – one set with a clamp that attaches directly to the jump starter, and another set that has a clip that goes into the port on top of the unit. This second set includes LED lights at each end of the cable, which was useful when I used it at night.

It also includes an 12V DC power outlet and two USB ports – one rated at 2.1A for tablets and smart phones, and one rated at 1A for phones. There’s also a cigarette lighter socket for powering other devices like air compressors and car vacuums (which I frequently use for my cleaner).

There’s also an LED torch at one end of the unit, which can either be used when it’s disconnected from the charger or powered by the unit when it’s connected.

What can you do with this Suaoki jump starter?

  • – You can start your car or truck (up to 5.5L gas and 3.0L diesel) due to its 600A peak current.
  • – You can charge your mobile devices thanks to the 2 USB ports (5V/2.1A and 5V/3.1A).
  • – You can inflate your flat tires with the air compressor.


Suaoki is a global professional jump starter brand, it supports all the major car brands, such as HONDA, BMW and so on. Suaoki jump starter has best quality and ABS shell, which is non-toxic, eco-friendly and fire-proof.


  • A peak current of 800 amps and a capacity of 18000mAh;
  • A maximum air pressure of 150 PSI;
  • Compatible with gasoline engines up to 8 liters and diesel engines up to 6 liters;
  • Multiple charging options, including a 12V DC port, a USB port, and a micro USB port;
  • Comes with an LED light that can be used as a flashlight or an emergency strobe.

User Manual

To use the Suaoki Jump Starter With Air Compressor, turn on the ignition of your car and connect the cables to the battery. When properly connected, there will be a spark.

  1. Connect one of the red clamps to the positive terminal of the car battery
  2. Connect one of the black clamps to somewhere on metal ground in your car
  3. Insert the power cable into the cigarette lighter socket in your car
  4. Turn on your vehicle’s ignition switch
  5. Turn on the jump starter with its own switch
  6. Wait until your car starts before removing the clamps from their respective terminals to avoid sparking.

Safety Precautions

The Suaoki Jump Starter With Air Compressor is made with a high-quality polymer battery, and it is safe to jump start vehicles. However, please take great care of the following safety precautions: The jump starter may explode if you do not follow these instructions properly!

Never attempt to open the device or touch the internal components as it will expose you to dangerous voltages.

Make sure that the jump starter is kept away from children as it contains corrosive chemicals and flammable materials.

Make sure that you wear protective eyewear when you are working with the power bank and vehicle battery terminals.

Avoid short-circuiting of terminals and never try to jump start a frozen battery or any other damaged battery.

You can also browse the product information for the Everstart jump starter before making a decision.

Pros And Cons

  • It’s easy to use and has multiple safety features to prevent any damage to your car or the device itself.
  • It comes with a pretty powerful flashlight, with three modes available – Strobe light, SOS light and normal light.
  • It also supports multiple charging options including USB and DC as well as provides a 12V 10A output for powering other devices.
  • It can jump start your car up to 30 times using the 21000 mAh battery when it’s fully charged. Cons:
  • It does not come with a warranty from the manufacturer when you buy it from Amazon but if you buy it from their official website, you get a 1-year warranty.

Why Should We Buy Suaoki Jump Starters?

SUAOKI Jump Starter

The Suaoki Jump Starter with Air Compressor is not just a regular jump starter. It has all the features that you would look for in a jump starter, but it also has an air compressor so you can inflate your tires or sports equipment quickly and easily. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around in the car so you always have it on hand when you need it.

The Suaoki Jump Starter with Air Compressor has a battery capacity of 600A, which means that it can fully charge your car battery in no time at all. It also has short circuit protection so you don’t accidentally damage your car’s electrical system when charging it.

The Suaoki Jump Starter with Air Compressor comes with a number of accessories, including two USB cables, so you can charge your electronic devices while on the go. There is also an LED flashlight built into the device to help light up dark areas.

The Best Suaoki Jump Starter With Air Compressor

The best Suaoki jump starter with air compressor is a device that you should seriously consider taking with you on your next road trip. Although it’s used for jump starting a car, there are multiple uses for the device which makes it more than just an emergency tool to have in your car.

The Suaoki U28 multi-functional jump starter is able to quickly start most 12V diesel cars and petrol vehicles, including RV and trucks with up to 4.0L engine. Its built-in flashlight can be used as an SOS signal light in the dark or any emergency situation (e.g. camping, night working etc.). On top of that, it features with two USB ports(5V/2.1A), one 12V port, one 19V port and one cigarette lighter socket, which give you the convenience to charge or power most DC 12V devices anytime anywhere (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc.). Not enough? With its 4-level indicator lights, you will always know exactly when it’s time for a recharge!

Thanks to highly efficient power conversion technology and ergonomic design, the compact charger will be your crucial helper for emergency situations!

Customer Feedback About Suaoki Jump Starter With Air Compressor

Suaoki’s Jump Starter is an affordable, powerful jump starter that’ll get your car started in seconds. It has a built-in air compressor so you can inflate your tires easily, and it comes with a flashlight. We tested the Suaoki Jump Starter to see how well it works.

The Suaoki Jump Starter is an ultra-compact, lightweight jump starter with a built-in air compressor — something we haven’t yet seen on any other portable jump starters. For this reason alone, the Suaoki Jump Starter is worth considering if you’re looking for a small, easy-to-store way to keep your car battery charged and your tires inflated.

We tested the Suaoki Jump Starter for about two weeks to see how well it works. Read on for our full results.

Suaoki Jump Starter With Air Compressor FAQ

1. What is the size of Suaoki U28?

Suaoki U28 is 8.3″ x 3.7″ x 1.6″ and weighs 2.11 lbs (1 kg).

2. Is it waterproof?

Unfortunately, it is not waterproof. It has limited water resistance only, which means it should not be submerged in water or left outside in a rainstorm. The jumper cables are not insulated, either, so you need to be extremely careful when using them to jump start a car battery.

3. Do I need to keep it plugged into the car when charging my phone with the USB port?

No, you don’t need to keep your Suaoki charger plugged into the cigarette lighter socket of your car when charging your phone or other device via USB port as long asSuaoki U28’s battery was pre-charged before you started using it for charging your phone or other devices.

4. How often do I have to charge SAUKI JUMP STARTER?

It is recommended that you charge Suaoki Jump Starter every three months while in storage, even if it was fully charged prior to being placed in storage, just like any other

Final Verdict

A jump starter is a must-have when it comes to car care. Without one, being stranded in the middle of nowhere is a common occurrence for drivers. You can find products like this all over the internet, but Suaoki JUMP STARTER is our top pick simply because it has a larger power capacity compared to other brands which makes it an ideal jump starter even in colder temperatures.