NOCO GB40 User Manual: How To Use It In 5 EFFICIENT Steps?

Download NOCO GB40 user manual from here. If you have purchased the Noco Genius Boost GB40 lithium jump starter, you may be wondering how to use it. This user manual will walk you through the steps needed to get started.

NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40 Lithium Jump Starter User Manual

This NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40 Lithium Jump Starter is one of the most popular products and has been used by over 5 million people. It is designed to provide you with exceptional performance and reliability at an affordable price, but at the same time.

Please go here to download NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40 jump starter user manual.

Here are the basic steps to use the NOCO GB40 to jump start your car:

  1. Make sure that both the GB40 and the vehicle are turned off.
  2. Connect the red clamp to the positive (+) battery terminal of the dead vehicle and the black clamp to the negative (-) battery terminal.
  3. Press and hold the power button on the GB40 for about 5 seconds, the device will turn on and the indicator lights will show the battery status.
  4. Attempt to start the vehicle. If the engine starts, remove the clamps in the reverse order they were attached.
  5. If the engine doesn’t start, check the connections and try again.
  6. Once the vehicle is running, let it idle for at least 2 minutes before turning it off again.

Note: The GB40 can also be used as a power bank to charge USB devices. To do so, connect the device to the USB port on the GB40 and press the power button to start charging. 

Here are the basic steps to use the NOCO GB40 to charge USB devices:

  1. Connect the battery clamps to the GB40 by connecting to the 12V OUT port.
  2. Connect the positive (red) HD battery clamp to the positive (POS,P,+) battery terminal.
  3. Connect the negative (black) HD battery clamp to the negative (NEG,N,-) battery terminal or vehicle chassis.
  4. When disconnecting, disconnect in the reverse sequence, removing the negative first (or positive first for positive ground systems).

Noco boost plus gb40 charging instructions

The Noco GB40 is a compact, lightweight and portable jump starter that can be used as an emergency power source during car breakdowns.

  1. Charge the Noco Gb40 for 12 hours.
  2. Remove the jumper cable from the battery terminals, then plug one end of it into the Noco Gb40 jump starter.
  3. Plug the other end into a vehicle that has an electrical outlet nearby, such as your car or truck. The built-in LED indicator will turn red when charging has begun and will turn green when charging is complete.
  4. If you are going to use your Noco Gb40 jump starter indoors, be sure to charge it indoors where it will not be exposed to moisture or extreme temperature changes caused by sunlight or heaters or other equipment in the room where it is being charged.
  5. Also, avoid using plastic bags and wrapping paper while charging because they may contain chemicals which can damage your jump starter’s internal components over time.

How do you know when noco boost is fully charged?

You can tell when your Noco Boost Jump Starter is fully charged with the LED indicator on the front panel. The LED indicator will light up once the jump starter is fully charged and ready to go.

More FAQ

Q1: What does a blinking green light mean on a noco battery charger?

When you first get your NOCO Genius Boost GB battery charger, you’ll probably notice that there is a blinking green light on it. This means that the battery charger is in a “charging” mode. To use the noco Genius Boost GB battery charger, all you have to do is plug it into an outlet and put the battery pack in the charging cradle. The blinking green light will start to turn red, which means that the battery is now being charged. If you see a blue light on the battery charger, that indicates that the battery is already fully charged.

This light indicates that the battery is being charged and is in good condition. To use the Genius Boost GB, first, connect it to an outlet via the included AC cord. Then, plug the charger into the wall. The green light on the charger will turn red when charging is complete. If you ever have any questions about how to use your Genius Boost GB, please contact our customer service team.

Q2: Can you overcharge NOCO GB40?

Yes, it is possible to overcharge this product and damage it if you do not follow the correct charging procedure. To avoid overcharging your NOCO GB40 boost plus, you should always unplug the device before charging it. You should also make sure that the charger has enough power to charge your device before plugging it in.

You can overcharge a NOCO Genius Boost GB40, but it’s not recommended. The reason is simple: you have to keep the battery charged in order to start your car with it. If you overcharge it, this will result in the battery being permanently damaged and unable to be recharged.

Q3: How long does NOCO battery charger take to charge?

NOCO jump starters take between 30 minutes to 12 hours to charge to fully charge. The amount of time it takes to charge depends on the size of the battery and the voltage of the vehicle.

If you have a vehicle that has been sitting for a long period of time, it may take longer than normal to charge. For example, if your car is parked in a garage for most of the year and then brought out for use during the summer months, it will take longer than normal to charge.

A NOCO jump starter also comes with a convenient LED light that allows you to see inside your vehicle while charging. This helps ensure that there are no hidden problems with your battery or alternator before you start using it.

NOCO battery charger will charge your phone in 1 to 2 hours. The NOCO Jump Starter has a capacity of 4000mAh, which means it can charge a smartphone more than six times. With this Jump Starter, you can jump-start up to 15 vehicles with only one battery!

Q4: Does the NOCO Boost Plus come pre charged?

Yes, the NOCO Boost Plus is fully-charged and ready to use out of the box. It comes with an automatic charging system that charges the jump starter once it gets turned on. The charge indicator light will turn on when the battery is fully charged, and then it will automatically stop charging when its full.

In order to charge your NOCO Boost Plus, you’ll need a micro USB cable (included). You can also use any USB wall adapter/charger that normally charges your phone or tablet. It will take approximately 3 hours to recharge the battery completely.

If you need more power than what the standard 600V battery provides, you can simply purchase an additional battery pack separately from NOCOBoost.

Q5: Can you trickle charge with NOCO GB40?

Yes, you can.

The NOCO GB40 is a lithium-ion battery jump starter that can be used to jump start cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. It has a maximum output of 2 amps and can charge individual 12-volt batteries at up to 35 amps. The unit can also be used to resuscitate dead batteries by providing a constant power source for up to 10 minutes.

The NOCO GB40 has an LED flashlight built into its handle so that you can see where you are going in dark areas. It also includes a built-in fan that can be used to blow out dust from the battery terminals. The unit comes with a 12V cigarette lighter adapter, USB cable and AC charger that plugs into standard outlets.

Q6: How often do you charge a NOCO GB40?

The answer depends on how often you use the NOCO GB40. If you only use it once or twice a year, then it would be fine to charge it every other month. If you use it much more frequently than that, then you should charge the battery on a weekly basis.

The End

The NOCO GB40 Jump Starter has a built-in battery and can be recharged using any standard wall outlet. It is easy to use, lightweight and compact. This product is made of high quality materials so it will not break when you use it. The NOCO GB40 jump starter is compatible with all vehicles and can charge your vehicle at any time or place.