Stanley J5C09 JumpIt Jump Starter and Power Bank Review

The Stanley J5C09 JumpIt jump starter and power bank device is an electric charger (and emergency jumper) for 12-volt batteries. At an attractive asking price relative to other jump starter/power bank products, this model seems like a good candidate if you are in the market for one of these devices, plus you can store it easily as it is compact, lightweight and portable.

Who is the Stanley J5C09 Jump-It Jump Starter For?

The Stanley J5C09 Jump-It Jump Starter is designed for anyone who needs to jump-start a car but doesn’t want to risk personal injury doing so. It’s especially useful for those who own older vehicles, because the batteries in these cars are more likely to die and are more difficult to jump-start. The product is also great for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road and wants peace of mind. If you have a newer car, with a battery that has died only once or twice, then you probably don’t need this product. But if you have an older car and find yourself with a dead battery on a regular basis, then this is the product for you.

The Stanley J5C09 Jump-It Jump Starter is also ideal for those who have no one else around to jump-start their cars. If your spouse or children drive your car regularly, then they could jump-start it for you if the battery dies. However, if your car is parked at work all day, then there will be no one around to help if the battery dies during that time.

stanley j5c09 jumpit

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This product is also great for people who live in areas where it gets very cold in the winter months. Cold weather can make batteries die faster.

It’s a 2-in-1 product for anyone who needs to charge their mobile devices as well as jump start their car. If you’re looking for a multi-use charging device, this one can do it all. Because of its high capacity 800A lithium ion battery, the Stanley Jump-It Power Bank can jump start your car up to 20 times on a single charge.

Stanley j5c09 jumpit Key Features

The Stanley J5C09 Jump-It can power your car or truck up to 20 times on a single charge. The J5C09 features 500 peak amps, 1000 peak amps and 300 instant starting amps. This translates to the ability to start most full-size trucks, SUVs and cars up to 20 times on a single charge. It’s capable of reaching temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit, and its rubberized feet ensure stability when you’re performing a jump start.

The J5C09 can accommodate both top- and side-mount 12V batteries and includes a reverse polarity alarm that alerts you if you’ve connected the clamps incorrectly. In addition, it has a built-in 120 PSI air compressor with an auto shut-off feature that allows you to inflate your tires in about eight minutes.

You can use this product for much more than just jump starting your vehicle. The battery pack features two 2.1A USB ports for charging your mobile devices or other devices with USB capabilities. And there’s also a 12V outlet for powering things like electric coolers.

EverStart Jump Starter is also a product chosen by many customers. You can use it to charge your smartphone or other devices, making it a handy and versatile power bank.

Stanley j5c09 jumpit Design

When it comes to car battery jump starters, there are a number of options available on the market. While some jump starters are designed for cars and trucks, others are designed for motorcycles and ATVs. A specific type of jump starter, called a hybrid jump starter, can be used to start both automotive vehicles and marine vehicles.

The Stanley J5C09 Jump-It is a hybrid jump starter that can be used to start cars, trucks, boats, RVs and ATVs. This hybrid jump starter is unique in the way that it is constructed.

Unlike many other car battery jump starters currently available on the market, the Stanley J5C09 Jump-It uses a battery to store energy instead of an air compressor. The air compressor is one feature that has made other car battery jump starters unique in the past.

It includes two USB ports that let you charge two devices at once and keep them going throughout the day. You won’t have to worry about running out of power when you’re using navigation apps or streaming videos on your phone. The Stanley J5C09 is also great for photographers and videographers because it comes with a built-in LED light that takes pictures.

Stanley j5c09 jumpit Specs

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This Stanley J5C09 Jump-It Jump Starter and Power Bank is an awesome product to add to your emergency car kit. It’s compact, lightweight, and powerful enough to do the job.

  • The Stanley jump starter is more than a simple car battery jump starter. It has a 500-lumen LED light built into it which makes it a great roadside emergency light as well.
  • It also includes 2 USB ports, one of which is 1 amp and the other is 2.1 amp making it capable of charging devices such as phones, tablets and even laptops.
  • A 12V DC socket for charging anything else that uses 12V DC power.

This makes it easy to top up your car’s battery when it starts to run low and saves you from having to replace batteries every year or so. It’s pretty convenient if you ever get stranded on the side of the road with a dead battery. This powerful jump starter can also fully recharge your phone 6 times on a single charge, making it an excellent choice for heavy smartphone users.

Stanley j5c09 jumpit Performance

It is a portable jump starter that can also function as a power bank. It’s small and light enough to be carried in your hand or luggage. As it’s the size of a large smartphone and weighs just over two pounds, it’s highly portable.

The Jump-It has a built-in flashlight with three modes and battery status indicator lights. A USB port lets you charge mobile devices and an AC outlet lets you power cameras, laptops, tablets, etc.

Stanley J5C09 features automatic shut off to prevent overcharging and reverse polarity protection to prevent damage from incorrect use.

The Jump-It has a variety of safety features including overload protection, overheating protection, short-circuit safety cut-off and reverse polarity warning indicator.

Stanley j5c09 jumpit Overview

It’s an awesome device that has a great price point, and I think it’s worth every penny. It’s a great tool to have in your car in case your battery dies. You’ll be able to use it to jumpstart your car, charge your phone or laptop, and even use it to power up other electronic devices.

It comes with two USB ports for charging phones, tablets, and other devices. The Stanley Jump-it is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to spend too much money on a jump starter but don’t want to sacrifice quality.

While there are plenty of similar products on the market, this one is unique in that it’s constructed of heavy gauge cables and clamps, so it’s quite durable. In addition, it sports a built-in 12v power outlet, which can be used to power or charge other devices.

The Good of stanley j5c09 jumpit

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Charges quickly
The Stanley J5C09 Jump-It Jump Starter is compact, easy to use and charges quickly. It’s also a power bank capable of charging your devices on the go.

The Stanley J5C09 Jump-It Jump Starter and Power Bank is a handy device that can jump-start your car (up to 500 amps) and double as a power bank for your mobile devices. It’s available at Walmart for $79.88.

It features a heavy duty lithium ion battery, a powerful 500 amp jumpstart, built-in LED work light and air compressor, and digital displays. It’s portable and easy to use — just plug it in and hit the power button.

The Bad of stanley j5c09 jumpit

It doesn’t have a USB port for charging mobile devices, but it delivers 900 peak amps of power, which is more than enough to start almost any V8 engine. Given its limited utility as a jump starter, we think it’s best to think of the Stanley J5C09 Jump-It as an emergency power source for your smartphone or tablet.

It is big and heavy, making it difficult to carry around. It’s also not as portable as a regular power bank, as it needs to be plugged into an outlet to charge. While the built-in safety features are a nice touch, they require you to master a complicated series of button presses if you need assistance. And, finally, the charging cables are short and stiff, so we ended up having to lay the device on the ground while working with it.

The End

This is a great Jump Starter with Power Bank feature, small and lightweight design, which is easy to carry in your car trunk or even the travel. It is a must have tool for driver and passenger to keep you jump started and also charge your mobile phone while you need to run out of gas on the road. The Stanley J5C09 Jump-It Portable Battery Jump Starter provides instant engine cranking power output of 500 peak amp and 200 cranking amps, so you can use it to start your dead battery fast.