Stanley Jumpit 500 Amp Jump Starter Review

The Stanley Jumpit 500 Amp Jump Starter is a very popular item. It has an average rating of 4.5/5 stars on reviews from over 80 buyers and has been reviewed over 350 times. In this review we’ll take a look at the Jumpit 500, find out if its worth the price tag and if it’s indeed, a great jump starter. In this review we’ll be looking at the different features and functionality, we’ll measure the Jumpit’s performance in all situations, describe the accessories that come with the unit and more importantly, determine whether all of these things make for a justifiable purchase.

Stanley Jumpit 500 Amp Jump Starter

The Stanley 500-Amp Jump Starter is a portable jump starter that can start most cars and light trucks. A portable jump starter is a device that can be used to recharge your car battery if it dies or needs to be recharged. A portable jump starter is battery powered and can be charged at home or in your car. To use the device you plug one end of the jumper cables into the jump starter and the other end into your cars cigarette lighter port.

Stanley jumpit 500 amp Design

stanley jumpit 500 amp

The unit can jump up to 20 times on a single charge, but only works well for vehicles with a 12-volt battery systems. It features a USB port for charging your mobile devices, a 120 PSI air compressor, and an extremely bright light. The Stanley Jumpit 500 Amp Jump Starter is a boisterous portable jump starter that packs a real punch. It’s an effective approach to jumpstarting your car or light truck, and it also comes with some handy additional features that make it a great option to have around the house or in your trunk.

What I Like The Jumpit is powerful enough to jumpstart cars and light trucks up to 7 liters in displacement. It’s got an easy-to-read display that gives you vital information at a glance, including battery voltage and charging status. The Stanley Jumpit 500 Jump Starter could be the perfect solution to this problem. It’s been designed with small business owners in mind who can benefit from its lightweight yet powerful design to jump-start any car or truck with up to 500 amps of power.

Stanley jumpit 500 amp Build quality

The Stanley Jumpit 500 has a very sturdy feel, and is solidly built and durable. The cables are heavy duty and fairly thick. The clamps are solid metal and have a spring mechanism for easy connection to the battery terminals. The unit has a strong plastic shell with a rubberized finish on the top and sides which gives it a good grip when carrying around or placing in the boot of your car or van. There is an LED flashlight built into the unit which is handy for finding your way around in the dark. arging sockets so you can charge your phone, tablet etc by plugging in the standard USB cable that came with your device.

It is a compact and powerful jump starter with some handy additional features. It doesn’t excel in any one area, but it definitely gets the job done while remaining small enough to be carried around without too much hassle. The Stanley Jumpit 500 Amp Jump Starter is a compact and powerful jump starter with some handy additional features. It doesn’t excel in any one area, but it definitely gets the job done while remaining small enough to be carried around without too much hassle.

Stanley jumpit 500 amp Specifications

  • Reverse polarity alarm alerts when there is an improper connection
  • LED lights indicate if the unit is charged, charged partially or needs to be charged via 120V AC charger
  • USB port for charging portable electronics, including cell phones and more
  • Heavy duty metal clamps with copper jaws provide a secure connection to battery terminals
  • 500 Amp / 900 Peak Amp Battery Type
  • Lead Acid Portable Power
  • 120V AC / 12V DC
  • LED Indicator
  • Charging Time – 4.5 Hours Charging Source
  • Steady On and Emergency Strobe Flashlight

Functionality of Stanley jumpit 500 amp

This Stanley Jumpit 500 Amp Jump Starter is the ultimate tool for quickly and safely jump starting a car. It’s a portable jump starter that can fit in the trunk of your car without taking up too much space. If you’re someone who likes to be prepared, this is the ideal tool to have on hand at all times. The Stanley jump starter has a powerful battery with 500 amps and 1000 peak amps, which provides more than enough power to start most automobiles.

The Stanley jump starter comes with heavy duty battery clamps, along with a 12V DC power outlet so you can use it to power any electronic devices that use a cigarette lighter plug. It also includes an LED flashlight that’s great for camping or for emergencies when your car breaks down at night. The whole unit weighs less than seven pounds so it’s easy to carry around if needed. It can function as both a portable power source and a jump starter, which makes it great for long road trips where there may not be many gas stations nearby How Does a Jump Starter Work? jump starters work by supplying electricity from a large battery to your vehicles dead battery until the engine starts up again.

What We Liked on Stanley jumpit 500 amp

The Stanley Jumpit 500 Amp Jump Starter gets our vote as the best device for jump-starting your car, truck, SUV or other vehicle. It can handle vehicles with 6-cylinder engines, and it has a carrying handle on top for easy transport. The Stanley Jumpit 500 Amp Jump Starter also has a built-in light that can be set to flash, for situations when you’re in danger of being hit by another vehicle. The Stanley Jumpit 500 Amp Jump Starter is capable of starting cars, trucks, SUVs and RVs with 6-cylinder engines, according to the manufacturer.

That includes most domestic and foreign vehicles. This portable battery charges in 45 minutes, which is fast compared to other portable batteries. This battery has several safety features to protect you and your vehicle when you’re charging it or jump-starting your car. For example, there’s an indicator light so you know when there’s enough power in the battery to safely jump-start your car, and there are two different ways to charge it — through a wall outlet or in your vehicle while driving.

What We Didn’t Like on Stanley jumpit 500 amp

The Stanley Jumpit 500 Amp Jump Starter is a great product but it has its cons and there are features that could be enhanced. The only thing we didn’t like is the carrying case, or rather, the lack of one. The owners manual recommends storing the Jumpit in a safe, dry place that’s easy to access. This means that you have to take extra care to have the Jumpit in a safe place so it’s not damaged. Stanley has not provided a carrying case which would have been very useful.

It would have been better if Stanley had made this unit lighter and smaller because it can be cumbersome when being moved around. There also is no provision for charging other USB devices such as phones, tablets or MP3 players. You can only charge your phone with this unit as a last resort when you need to make an emergency call.

Stanley jumpit 500 amp Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a jump starter?
While it’s true that a majority of drivers have some form of roadside assistance, it can take hours for help to arrive. In the meantime, you’re stuck in your car with nothing to do, and if you’re stranded in a dangerous place, you could be at risk. Instead of putting yourself in this situation, use a jump starter so that you can get going again as quickly as possible.

What is the shelf life of a jump starter?
Most jump starters have a long shelf life. If you charge the unit regularly and don’t leave it sitting idle for more than 30 days without charging it, its battery should retain roughly 70 percent of its original capacity after three years.

The End

The Jumpit 500 isn’t just a jump starter, it is a portable power station. It can start your car, charge your smart phone and give you power for your laptop. This Jump Starter is rugged and ready for travel with you. Anyone that travels for work or just drives a lot can find room for one of these in the trunk of their vehicle.