The best Costway jump starter air compressor reviews and specs

If you’re looking for the jump starter and air compressor combo, you may be wondering if the Costway jump starter air compressor is the right choice for you. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best Costway jump starter air compressor reviews and specs to help you make an informed decision.

Is a Costway jump starter air compressor worth it?

When it comes to jump starters, a Costway jump starter air compressor is definitely worth the investment. Here are the reasons why it is worthy:

  1. They’re powerful. Costway jump starters are some of the most powerful on the market, and that’s important when you’re trying to jump start a car. They’re also compact and easy to use, which is a huge plus.
  2. They’re reliable. When you’re stranded on the side of the road, the last thing you want is a jump starter that doesn’t work. With a Costway, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get your car started in no time.
  3. They’re affordable. Jump starters can be expensive, but Costway offers a great product at a very reasonable price. That’s important when you’re trying to save money.
  4. They have a great warranty. If something goes wrong with your Costway jump starter, you’re covered by a great warranty. That means you can get it repaired or replaced without having to worry about the cost.
  5. They’re easy to find. You can find Costway jump starters at most major retailers, which makes them easy to find if you need one in a pinch.

In conclusion, yes, a Costway jump starter air compressor is definitely worth the investment. They’re powerful, reliable, affordable, and easy to find, which makes them a great choice for anyone who needs a jump starter.

The best Costway jump starter air compressor reviews

 The Costway jump starter air compressor is a portable air compressor that’s designed for use with vehicles. It features a built-in air tank and an air hose that can be used to inflate tires or other objects. The air compressor also has a jump starter function that can be used to start a car if the battery is dead.

The air compressor is powered by a 12-volt battery, and it includes a charger for the battery. The compressor is also equipped with a pressure gauge, a safety valve, and a shut-off switch. The Costway jump starter air compressor is a good choice for people who need a portable air compressor that can be used to inflate tires or jump-start a car. It’s a good value for the price, and it’s a reliable air compressor that will serve you well.

Costway jump starter air compressor

The specs

  • Color: Red and black
  • Material: ABS, PP, metal
  • Overall dimension: 11” x 8” x 12” (L x W x H)
  • Net weight: 21 lbs
  • Item model number: GM038IC
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amperage: 700A cranking amps (5s)
  • Battery type: lead-acid battery 12V 22AH
  • Bulb type: LED

The package includes

  • 1 Jump starter
  • 1 Needle
  • 2 Nozzles
  • 1 Cable of cigarette lighter
  • 1 Charging cable
  • 1 Instruction

The features

  1. Powerful Jump Starter: With 700 cranking amps and 1500A peak current, this premium jump starter is powerful and stable to safely start the dead batteries in a few seconds and can start up to 30 times on a single charge. It is able to start 4.5L gas and 3.5L diesel engines, such as cars, light trucks, ATV’s, boats, lawn and garden equipment and other 12V equipment even in extreme temperatures(-4℉~140℉).
  2. Safety Protection: Your safety is our priority. This ultrasafe car battery pack comes with multiple safe features, including undervoltage protection, short-circuit protection, overcharging protection, over-load protection and overheating protection which ensures your safety use. Besides, the audible buzz and LED indicators will notify you of incorrect use.
  3. Dual USB Output and Fast Charging: Designed with 12V DC cigarette lighter port and dual 5V USB ports (5V DC/1.3 A & 5V DC/2.1A), this quality power bank with large capacity lead-acid battery can charge your 12V devices, such as car fan, car vacuum and a portable cooler while the 5V electronics can be charged as well, including laptops, smartphones and tablets, etc, offering great convenience.
  4. Air Compressor and Built-in Inverter: The air compressor is rated for 180 PSI which takes 8 – 10 minutes to inflate a regular car tire to 30 PSI. Meanwhile, it has a needle and 2 nozzles so that it can inflate other inflatables as well. The built-in inverter can supply 120VAC, 60HZ, 200Watts which is able to charge your small domestic appliances, such as lights, cameras, and others.
  5. LED Flashlight and Smart Clamps: Thanks to its LED light, this safe jump-start not only serves as your flashlight to help you work in the night, but also can be used as a strobe light in case of an emergency. In addition, the red (positive +) clamp and black (negative -) clamp are made of full metal which is more durable for long time use.

Costway jump starter air compressor

The performance benefits

  • Dual USB Charger Pots & 12V DC Ciggarate Lighter Port
  • Charging with AC Adapter
  • Ease To Use 

The operation

Simply plug the compressor into the cigarette lighter in your car and turn it on. Then, attach the hose to the tire valve and press the start button. The digital display will show you how much air is in the tire and the built in light will help you see in the dark. Once the desired air pressure is reached, simply press the stop button and disconnect the hose. The compressor will automatically turn off.

The warranty 

If you experience any problems with your Costway jump starter air compressor within the first 60 days of purchase, simply contact customer service for a replacement or refund. This warranty covers all manufacturing and material defects, so you can be confident in the quality of your purchase.

The pros and cons 


  1. Costway compressors are typically very affordable.
  2. They are often small and compact, making them easy to store and transport.
  3. Many Costway compressors come with a built-in air gauge, so you can easily check the pressure of the tires.


  1. Costway compressors may not be as durable as some other brands.
  2. Some models can be quite noisy.
  3. The air hose on some Costway compressors may be shorter than on other brands.

The ratings and customer reviews

Overall customer reviews of the Costway jump starter air compressor are positive. Customers appreciate the compact size and portability of the device, as well as the fact that it is easy to use.

Many customers find the air compressor to be very effective in starting their car engines, even in cold weather. A few customers have had issues with the compressor not working properly, but overall the majority of customers are satisfied with the product.

The customer reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive, and it has a 4.75 star rating on Amazon. If you’re in the market for a jump starter and air compressor, I would highly recommend the Costway!

review rating

How to use the Costway jump starter air compressor?

To use the Costway jump starter air compressor, first make sure that the unit is properly charged. Once the unit is charged, connect the power cord to the unit and plug it into a wall outlet. Next, connect the air hose to the air compressor. Once the air hose is connected, turn on the air compressor by pressing the power button.

Now, hold the air nozzle over the tire that you want to inflate and press the button to start inflating the tire. Once the desired air pressure is reached, release the button and disconnect the air hose from the air compressor.

Where to buy Costway jump starter air compressor power bank charger?

There are a few different places that you can buy the Costway jump starter air compressor power bank charger. One option is to purchase it online through the Costway website. Another option is to find a local retailer that sells Costway products. Finally, you can also check online retailers such as Amazon or eBay.

Costway jump starter air compressor


After reading through the reviews and specs of the Costway jump starter air compressor, it is clear that this is a high-quality and affordable option for those in need of a jump starter. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with users citing the ease of use and the powerful air compressor as major selling points. If you are in the market for a jump starter, the Costway is a great option to consider.