The Best 3 portable vehicle jump starters in 2022

As a battery power consumption, you’d like to choose the right Vehicle Jump Starters to meet your different battery power needs. However, it is not that easy. Why? There are plenty of portable vehicle jump starters brands on the market today, so get it wrong and you will pay a hefty charge for it in total. You may have gotten dozens or even hundreds of portable vehicle jump starters before. But, unfortunately, you cannot find any of them is up to your satisfaction since they all fail to meet your requirement.

Portable Vehicle Jump Starters

What are Portable Vehicle Jump Starters?

A jump starter is a portable device that can be used to start a vehicle. They use a battery inside of them to charge the car’s battery, and then send out power to the car to get it running. The best jump starters are often also called portable vehicle jump starters since they can be used with any type of vehicle jump starter that has a regular old 12-volt battery.

While there are many different types of products that can help you get your car running again when the battery dies, they all work in the same way:

They use a rechargeable battery inside of them to charge up your car’s battery.

Some models have extra features like air compressors or USB ports for charging phones and other devices.

They come with cables that connect your car’s battery to the Everstart jump starter.

 vehicle jump starters in 2022

If you love cars then you must have portable vehicle jump starters. If your car’s battery is flat, then the best jump starter can save you from getting stranded. Without a portable jump starter, you will have to wait for someone who has one and can help you out. Or, if you do not get any help from other people, then you will have to call roadside assistance. In both of these cases, it will take some time to get your vehicle going again. However, if you already have a portable vehicle jump starter with you, then getting back on the road again is not very difficult.

The best of the best: NOCO Boost Plus GB40

Our take: This is our favorite portable jump starter because it’s powerful, easy to use, and reliable.

What we like: The booster itself has a 1,000-amp starting capacity and can deliver up to 20 jump starts on a full charge. It also has USB ports for charging phones, tablets, and other devices.

What we dislike: Some users report that this isn’t as powerful as some other options.

The NOCO Boost Plus GB40 is the most advanced portable vehicle jump starter on the market, and it’s a great choice for those who are worried about safety since it has multiple built-in protection systems to protect against reverse polarity, sparks, over-charging and overheating. It will jump-start a vehicle with a dead battery up to 40 times on a single charge, and even has enough power to jump-start trucks with diesel engines. With heavy-duty clamps, extra USB ports, and a built-in LED flashlight that rotates 270 degrees, this handy device is truly something you’ll never want to be without.

If you need more power than any other portable vehicle jump starter can deliver in its class — up to 1500 peak amps — then this is the one for you. You’ll pay for it though; at $120-$130, it’s definitely not cheap. However, if you need industrial-strength power from your portable vehicle jump starters — or if you simply want the best one available — then this is the way to go.

GOOLOO Vehicle Jump Starters Battery Pack 1200A

GOOLOO is a very popular brand name in the market of jump starters. They are known for their quality and inexpensive price. This GOOLOO car battery charger is one of the most inexpensive ones that also comes with a complete package. In fact, it is considered the best value for money unit among all of the portable jump starters here.

GOOLOO GP1200A Portable Car Jump Starter Specifications:

  • Peak current: 1200 amps (6L gas or 4L diesel engines)
  • Battery capacity: 18000 mAh(66.6 Wh) at 3.7V
  • Charge Output: 5V/2A, 12V/16A, 19V/3.5A
  • Jumpstart current: 300-500A

What’s in the box: Jump starter, USB cable, wall charger, car charger, jumper cables, user manual, and a carrying bag.


​ Less expensive than other units on this list.

​ It comes with a complete package (cables, chargers, and carrying case).

​ The built-in LED flashlight has 3 modes (strobe light/SOS signal/normal flashlight).

The GOOLOO Vehicle Jump Starters Battery Pack is a small, portable jump starter that can handle your car’s engine. It has a peak current of 1200 amps, which is more than enough to start many engines with ease. This jump starter also has a 18000mAh battery, making it ideal for charging phones and other electronics. The charger also has smart charging ports that can quickly identify the device you are charging and automatically adjust the output of its power.

In addition to being able to jump-start a car, the portable vehicle jump starters can also inflate tires, as well as power USB devices and 12V appliances such as air compressors. It is also rugged and durable, making it ideal for outdoor use. The GOOLOO Vehicle Jump Starters Battery Pack comes with a variety of accessories including a micro USB cable, jumper cables, smart clamps, a user manual, and an 8-in-1 USB cable adapter. You’ll find that EverStart Jump Starter works well too.

Stanley J5C09 Vehicle Jump Starters

The Stanley J5C09 Vehicle Jump Starter is the best portable vehicle jump starter that is available on the market today. This is because of its many features, but it also has a lot to offer in terms of power, design, and ability.

It is able to provide up to 1000 peak amps and 500 instant starting amps. It also provides 400 watts of inverter power, which allows you to run your AC devices while on the road. It also has an automatic high beam headlight and a built-in air compressor, which you can use to fill up your tires if they get flat. The Stanley J5C09 Vehicle Jump Starter comes with two USB ports so you can charge your cell phone or other devices on the go.

The Stanley J5C09 Vehicle Jump Starter comes with a built-in air compressor that fills up your tires if they get flat. It also provides 400 watts of inverter power, which allows you to run your AC devices while on the road. It has an automatic high beam headlight and a built-in air compressor, which you can use to fill up your tires if they get flat

The Stanley J5C09 Vehicle Jump Starter comes with a built-in air compressor that fills up your tires if they get flat.

Tips and Warning of using vehicle jump starters

Charging the battery:

1. Connect the power cord to your jump starter, plug into any standard wall outlet or 12V auto accessory socket, and charge it fully.
2. After charging is complete, disconnect the power cord from both the jump starter and the electrical outlet.
3. Locate the battery of your vehicle jump starters and check that there are no leakages or cracks in it. Open the hood of your car and locate the booster cables end with red clamps (they have a positive + sign on them) that are not attached to anything yet and clamp them to the positive (+) terminal on your dead battery.
4. Locate a solid unpainted metal surface on your vehicle jump starters that is not part of the electrical system, connect one of the black clamps ends to it and attach the other end to a negative (-) terminal on your dead battery.
5. Make sure all clamps are not touching each other or any other metal surface at this point in time!
6. Turn on your vehicle jump starters and let it idle for 5 minutes to allow your battery to recharge itself up to an acceptable level.
7. Your vehicle jump starters should start now if you followed the steps correctly, turn off your vehicle jump starters for 3-4 minutes before trying again to make sure it starts.

To charge your vehicle jump starters’ battery, follow these steps

Connect the red positive (+) clamp to the positive post on your battery first. Connect the black negative (-) clamp to a metal part of your vehicle jump starters that is unpainted, such as a bolt or bracket on the engine block away from the battery.

Start your engine and allow it to run for several minutes.

Disconnect cables in reverse order: negative cable first, then positive cable second.

Like most batteries, a jump starter’s lifespan is shorter when it’s used in a hot climate. If you live in a temperate climate, you likely won’t need to worry about this. But if you live in an area that gets extremely hot during the summer months, consider storing your jump starter in a cool place when not in use.

Check out our chart at the top of this page to see which jump starters we recommend for hot climates.

Ensure your battery has enough power to restart your car

Before using your jump starter, check its battery level. You can usually do this by pressing or holding down the power button until the indicator lights come on and display the battery level. The number of lights that display will tell you how much power is left.