Review: Dbpower 800a 18000mah Portable Car Jump Starter

Dbpower 800a 18000mah portable car jump starter is a highly recommended device that provides supercar and SUVs with a powerful jump starting solution. It can start your car, boat motor, camper van, ATVs, motorcycles, tractors and snowmobiles as well. The compact, versatile and portable device is also perfect for a variety of emergencies that can arise when you are away from home. The jumper cables are 10 gauge which lessens the risk of overcharging or damage to your battery.

Introduction Dbpower 800a 18000mah Portable Car Jump Starter

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Dbpower 800a 18000mah portable car jump starter

Being a car owner has its benefits. But, along with the freedom of being on the road and going wherever you want comes some responsibility. To be a responsible car owner, you must make sure that your car is always in perfect condition. This means that you will have to replace broken parts and make sure that it is always clean. Aside from these things, you will also have to make sure that your car is always equipped with emergency tools. In case something happens, you would want to be prepared. One of these emergency tools is a portable car jump starter.

The Dbpower 800a 18000mah portable car jump starter is a very useful tool to have in your car.The best thing about this tool is the fact that it can easily fit into your glove compartment or even in the trunk of your car. I can’t tell you how many times I have been somewhere and someone needed a jump start because they left their lights on or had some other electrical problem. This can also save you if you are stranded and need to keep your phone charged so you can call for help. It comes with the jump starter and battery pack, jumper cables, wall charger, 12 volt car charger, USB cable, instruction manual and storage bag.

The jumper cables have clamps on both ends so that it can be used on either end of the vehicle that needs a jump start. The unit comes partially charged so it is ready to go out of the box. It is recommended that you fully charge it before using it for the first time. To charge the unit you connect the wall charger or 12 volt car charger to the unit and plug it into an outlet or power port respectively. Charging takes about 5 hours.

Pricing And Availability Dbpower 800a 18000mah Portable Car Jump Starter

Pricing And Availability

The DBPOWER 800A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter is available from Amazon for $69.99 At this price point, the DBPOWER 800A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter is a great value. This is a very handy device to have in your car or in your garage. It’s powerful enough to jump-start your car, truck, boat, or lawn mower and recharge all of your devices. It has a capacity of 18000mAh and an impressive peak current of 800A. You can jump start your vehicle (up to 7.0L gas or 5.5L diesel engine) up to 20 times on a full charge with this portable power pack.

It’s super easy to use thanks to the included jumper cables that have a safety protection system built-in, including over-current protection; short-circuit protection; overload protection; over-voltage protection; over-charge protection. So if you want to be prepared for when you need a boost in power, get one of these!

The fact that you can use it as a power bank is just icing on the cake. The only issue I had with this device was the fact that it wasn’t able to start my engine even though it was at a 100% charge when I tried to start it. That said, I think that this jump starter would work great on smaller engines and regular sized engines, just not larger V-8s like mine. DBPOWER has provided me with a promotional code to share with you all: 763WY3DL This code gives you an additional $12 off of the purchase price of the jump starter, which brings the price down to just $57.99!

You can also consider buying the Ever start jump starter, it is a very popular product.

Features Dbpower 800a 18000mah Portable Car Jump Starter

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The best jump starter should be able to provide you with enough power to crank a car with a dead battery, so it’s important to understand the difference between cranking amps and peak amps. Peak amps can be used when initially starting a vehicle, but cranking amps are what you need to be able to turn over an engine and get the vehicle running.

Look for a portable car jump starter that provides at least 400 cranking amps if you want something that is effective. You should also consider how easy it is to use the product because it needs to allow you to easily attach jumper cables or connect clamps to the battery terminals in order for it to work properly. You may also want to look at the extras included with your car jump starter, such as LED lights, USB ports and AC power outlets.

You can also use it to charge your cell phone and tablets. It has a flashlight which is very useful, especially when you are in the dark or in an emergency situation. The jump starter has an LCD display which shows the battery percentage and whether it is charging or not, but this is a very small thing that I don’t like about this dbpower because it is very small and difficult to read especially when there is not enough light. This portable car jump starter also has a compass which helps you find your way when you are lost.

The package comes with the following:

  • DBPOWER 18000mAh Car Jump Starter (up to 8L Gas or 6L Diesel Engine) Portable Battery Booster Phone Charger Power Pack for Cars, Motorcycles, ATV’s, SUV’s and More
  • Smart jumper cable
  • Wall charger
  • Car charger
  • USB cable
  • Cigarette lighter socket adapter with ON/OFF button (for charging other devices)
  • User manual.

Design And Build Quality

The DBPOWER 800A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter is a powerful portable jump starter designed for cars and trucks. It can be used to start 12V vehicles with a gasoline engine of up to 7.2L or diesel engines of up to 5.3L. It also has a USB port that can be used to charge other devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and cameras.

The DBPOWER 800A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter is compact in size and can easily fit into your glove compartment or car console storage compartment. It comes in a plastic hardshell case that provides protection when storing it. The case is easy to open, but it doesn’t snap securely closed again without some effort. The jump starter itself has a rubberized coating that feels durable and will certainly help protect against drops and scratches from regular use. There are three buttons on the top of the device: power, charge indicator, and emergency light switch. On the bottom is the USB charging port and clamps for connecting it to your car battery. 

While the DBPower 800A looks pretty good, it doesn’t feel particularly premium: its build quality isn’t exactly impressive and there is no real design flair here. One thing I really like about this product is its packaging: it comes in a box which is both compact and sturdy. You can get this portable car jump starter even as a gift without worrying that it might arrive in poor condition.

Performance Dbpower 800a 18000mah Portable Car Jump Starter

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The Dbpower 800a 18000mah portable car jump starter is a lightweight, simple to use unit that can jump start up to a 7.2L gas or 5.5L diesel engine. It has the power needed to jump start a dead battery multiple times on a single charge. With its built in safety features it will jump start your vehicle safely without any worries of sparks, short circuiting, or overcharging. It also comes with two USB charging ports along with a built-in LED flashlight with strobe and SOS features which is great for those who are always in the dark and need to charge their devices on the go.

This unit also has an LCD display which shows how much power is left in the battery so you won’t run out at the wrong time. The pros of this unit are that it is light weight and compact with a rubberized exterior for better grip when carrying it around,  it also comes with cables that are long enough to reach from point A to point B when trying to jump start your vehicle.

A good jump starter is a must have for anyone who drives. I have been using my DBPOWER 600A Portable Car Jump Starter (link to Amazon) for the past 18 months and it is awesome. It has worked flawlessly every time I needed it.

I recently had the opportunity to try out the new DBPOWER 800A Portable Car Jump Starter. This jump starter has more power and can handle larger engines than its little brother, so I wanted to see how it compared. The DBPOWER 800A Portable Car Jump Starter is a very well made product. It is solidly built and feels like it would hold up to most normal use. It has a nice rubberized outer shell that not only protects it from impacts but also keeps it from slipping around in your trunk or on slick surfaces when you are using it on a wet day. This rubberized case also helps with grip if you need to carry it any distance, which helps keep you from dropping it (important since there is nothing worse than dropping something that contains lithium batteries).

Overall Dbpower 800a 18000mah Portable Car Jump Starter

The Dbpower 800a 18000mah portable car jump starter is a great addition to your car or truck.  It’s the size of a small tablet and can easily fit in the glove box of your car.  It’s also about the same size as some smartphones out there so it would be able to fit into a pocket as well.  I like that this little device has a built in flashlight with three different modes: high, low, and flashing which can make it possible to signal for help if needed.

When you hold the power button down for three seconds, it turns on the flashlight.  Then if you click it fast again two times, you can toggle through the modes mentioned above. The Dbpower 800a 18000mah portable car jump starter comes with jumper cables that have an LED light on them like most others do these days.  They are easy to use and hook up to any vehicle battery with ease. The cable that is used to charge this device has an LED light on it as well so you can see that it’s charging when connected to a power source such as a wall outlet or USB port on your computer. 

The Dbpower 800a 18000mah portable car jump starter is a new product from Dbpower. It is one of the best products on the market. The Dbpower 800a 18000mah portable car jump starter has received many positive reviews from consumers and is a great value for money product.


The Dbpower 800A Portable Car Jump Starter is an indispensable car accessory to have. It features a strong air compressor which can quickly inflate the tire at a moment’s notice, and it has an 18000 mAh battery capacity which will allow you to power up to 6 times on a single charge! Overall, the DBPOWER Portable Jump Starter is a robust and durable device that will help keep you on the go!