Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097 Makes Cranking Easier

It is a good idea to have an Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097 if you tend to travel a lot in your car, or start at different places. A jump starter battery pack with a 400 amp peak/300 amp continuous output that can start up to 7.0L gas or 5.0L diesel engines. This device can be charged in two different ways. You can either connect it to a 12V power outlet, or recharge it with the help of a 110V wall charger or laptop computer’s USB port. It comes with three different cables (for connecting to your car battery) and a variety of useful adapters for everyday electronics.

When your car battery is dead, nothing can slow you down. Until now. Featuring 400 peak amps of jump starting power and weighing just 2.6 pounds, the Everstart Jump Starter is capable of Jump Starting 12 volt batteries from 0-35 times on a single charge when fully charged. Whether it’s getting you to work on time or leaving the kids stranded at practice, the Everstart Jump Starter will do more than get you out of a sticky situation, it’ll help you keep your life going.

Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097

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Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097

Sometimes jump starting a car can be a tough task to accomplish. Most of the time, it would take hours before you are able to get your car started again. With this in mind, introducing Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097 is like saying you will have no more worries in jump starting your car. This jump starter is exactly what you need to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097 has been designed to be powerful, safe and portable. The power it has is 400 peak amps, which is good enough for instant cranking of vehicles with up to 6 cylinders. This particular model also boasts an air compressor output of 100 PSI, which makes it perfect for inflating tires, pool toys or any other inflatable objects.

What makes this product outstanding from its competitors is that it comes with a built-in LED light that can be used in various situations such as emergencies, roadside assistance or roadside repairs. It also has a safety feature that automatically shuts down the equipment if a short circuit occurs. In addition, the battery status indicator lights will let you know when the unit needs recharging so it will always be ready whenever you need it.

Build Quality

We are impressed by the Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097 build quality. The plastic casing seems strong and durable. There is no need to worry about dropping it as it feels pretty solid in the hands. The clamps are heavy duty and the cables are very thick and feel strong. I like the fact that they used a standard 12 volt plug instead of building it into the unit.

The overall design of this jump starter is similar to other booster packs on the market, but this one has a few features which make it stand out from the rest. First of all, there is a 12 volt outlet that can be used for accessories like spotlights or even to power up a tire pump or other devices. The next feature that sets this unit apart from others is the built-in work light, which could come in handy in an emergency situation when its dark outside and you need some extra light to see what you’re working on.

I was also pleasantly surprised that they included an air compressor with this unit. It comes with an air hose, which attaches to a standard valve stem on your tires.

Design and Performance

The Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097 has a large, durable design that makes it easy to use. It features a sturdy plastic housing that is virtually indestructible, and it has handles on each side so you can easily carry it. The unit also features rubber feet on the bottom of the base so it won’t slide around when you are using it.

Since this jump starter is fairly large and heavy, we recommend keeping it in your trunk or garage rather than storing it in your vehicle. Although it is compact compared to most similar units, this model weighs more than 15 pounds, making it too heavy for most people to keep in their vehicles.

Both the input and output cables are attached to this jump starter, which eliminates the risk of losing them. The cables have clamps on them that connect securely to your car battery, and they aren’t prone to disconnecting during use like other models are.

The Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097 has enough power to crank up 5.0L gas engines or 3.0L diesel engines without any problems

Function List Of Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097

The Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097 is a convenient EverStart jump starter. It has many functions. The list of these functions include:

  • The ability to jump start vehicles with these engines: Gas Engines 1.5L – 3.0L and Diesel Engines 2.0L – 2.5L
  • A built-in compressor that is capable of inflating a car tire (with air pressure gauge)
  • A flashlight with three lighting modes, strobe and SOS mode included
  • An emergency hammer for breaking car windows in case of an accident, and
  • Emergency power supply for USB devices such as cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices

Feature Details

The Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097 is both a jump starter and an air compressor. It is designed to be used for cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, and other vehicles with 12-volt batteries. The unit has a 400-amp starting current and 800-amp peak current.

This jump starter has a built-in air compressor that can maintain an internal pressure of 260 psi (18 bar). This means that the unit can inflate tires quickly and easily without the need of an external power source. It also has a high-volume hose that can be used to inflate large tires like those of SUVs or trucks more quickly.

The battery capacity of this jump starter is 18 amp hours. This allows it to start a vehicle up to 20 times on one charge. In addition, the unit has an automatic shutoff feature which prevents the battery from being overcharged or overdischarged. The maximum voltage output of this battery is 12.6 volts DC with a minimum voltage of 8 volts DC at 250 amps continuous output current capacity.

The best thing about this jump starter is that it is very portable and easy to use. You can even store it in your car’s trunk because it only weighs seven pounds.

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Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp

The Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097 offers other features including:

  • A powerful battery that can be used to jump start vehicles that have dead batteries
  • An automatic recharging feature that allows the battery to recharge when it becomes drained
  • A variety of safety features including an automatic shut off feature that shuts the battery off when it is not in use
  • An LCD display screen that displays the current charge level of the jumper cable
  • The ability to quickly charge a wide range of different types of batteries including AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V batteries
  • The Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097 has a digital display screen which displays the current charge level of the jumper cable


  • Voltage:12V
  • Battery capacity: 22.2 Wh
  • Battery size: 6000 mAh
  • Peak current: 400 Amps
  • Starting current: 200 Amps
  • Input: 5V DC 2 Amp
  • Output: 2.4 Amp 
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Life cycle: 1000 cycles

Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097 Review

The Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097 is a nice, well built unit for the money. At only $50.00 it is a great value. I have used this jump starter several times to start my friends cars and even my truck a few times when I had to leave the lights on overnight by mistake.

While I like this unit it is not without its flaws. The main problem that I have with this jump starter is that it has no AC adapter included so you will need to buy one separately if you want to recharge it via house current instead of your car’s system.


Lightweight and easy to store.

Very simple and straight forward operation – just plug it into your car’s 12V socket, connect the battery clamps and turn it on.

Automatically turns off after 4-5 minutes if no load is detected (for example if left on accidentally).


Not supplied with an AC charger so you need to charge it from your vehicle’s 12V socket or purchase an adapter separately (this can be purchased from Walmart for about $10-15).


Everstart 400 Amp SL097 Jump Starter

The Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097 with Smart Cable Clamps and Micro USB to USB Charging quickly starts vehicles in emergencies. Great for power sports, motorcycles and 4 cylinder cars, the unit has a convenient 2.4A/5V USB port for charging phones and devices. Smart Cable Clamps provide protection against reverse polarity, short circuiting, low voltage, high temperature and reverse charging. 

There is a simple power ON/OFF switch, 4 LED lights to indicate the battery charge level and a built-in 3 mode LED light. The unit has a durable case with a soft-touch finish and portable compact design which can fit conveniently in your travel bag, backpack or glove box. A convenient carrying bag is included.

The Everstart Jump Starter 400 Amp SL097 makes cranking easier than other cheap jump starters in Amazon we have tested.