The Easy Fix to All Common Halo Bolt Air or Halo Jump Starter Problems

The easy fix to all common halo bolt air jump starter problems is detailed below. If you’re having problems with your Halo Bolt Air or Halo Jump Starter, don’t panic. It’s annoying and frustrating but there are solutions for this common halo bolt air or halo jump starter problem. This chapter will take you by the hand and show you how to solve your common problem easily.

Halo acdc bolt 58830 troubleshooting

Shuts off unexpectedly
Solutions: Recharge the HALO BOLT ACDC 58830 or consult with a certified mechanic.

Jump Start and On/Off button flashes red and blue
Solutions: Turn off your headlights and any other components that may drain your car battery and try the jump start process again or consult with a certified mechanic.

battery indicators flash green
Solutions: Disconnect the HALO BOLT ACDC 58830 and allow it to cool for several minutes. Then try the jump start process again.

Jump Start button flashes red
Solutions: Check the jumper cables and ensure that the red clamp is connected to the positive terminal (+) and the black clamp is connected to the negative terminal (-).

Jump Start button flashes green continuously
Solutions: Check the jumper cables and ensure they are properly connected to the battery.

Jump Start button has been pressed but nothing happens
Solutions: Ensure the unit is OFF and then press the Jump Start button.

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Halo bolt 57720 troubleshooting

Halo Air Bolt

Shuts off unexpectedly
Reasons: 1. The HALO BOLT is not sufficiently charged to jump start the vehicle. 2. The HALO BOLT detects that it is connected to a vehicle battery that does not require a jump start. This could indicate that the vehicle battery or other component is faulty. The solution is the same as the above.

Jump Start and On/Off button flashes red and blue
Reasons: 1. This could occur when attempting to jump start a vehicle while other electrical components (i.e. headlights, heater, radio, etc.) are on. 2. The vehicle battery may be faulty. The solution is the same as the above.

Battery indicators flash green
Reason: The HALO BOLT has detected a high temperature condition. The solution is the same as the above.

Jump Start button flashes red
Reason: The jumper cables have not been properly connected to the vehicle battery. The solution is the same as the above.

Jump Start button flashes green continuously
Reason: The HALO Bolt is waiting to be connected to a battery. The solution is the same as the above.
Not Working Or Stopped Working
If your Halo Bolt air or Halo jump starter is not working, there is likely a simple solution.
  1. First, make sure that the battery is fully charged and inserted into the unit.
  2. Next, check to see if the cord is plugged into the correct outlet.
  3. Finally, try turning on the unit by pressing the power button. If everything checks out and the unit still does not work, there may be a problem with the unit itself. In this case, please contact Halo for help troubleshooting the issue.
If your Halo Air Bolt stopped working, there are a few things you can do.
  1. First of all, make sure that the battery is fully charged. If it is not, then charge it for at least 20 minutes before using.
  2. You should also make sure that the power adapter cable is properly connected to the jumper starter and that the red light on top is lit. If this does not happen, then check all of these things again until they work correctly.

If none of these things work, then you may need to replace the battery with a new one. This means taking off the back cover of your vehicle’s battery compartment and removing any old batteries from there.

You can also start by checking your car’s fuse box for any blown fuses or other electrical problems that might be causing problems with your jump starter or even your vehicle’s electrical system itself.

Not Charging

If your halo bolt air or halo jump starter is not charging, there is likely a simple solution. Follow these troubleshooting steps to find out what the issue may be:

  • Check the cord for damage. If the cord appears damaged or abused, it may not be able to carry enough current to charge the battery. Replace the cord if necessary.
  • Check for power at the outlet. Make sure there is power at the outlet where the halo bolt air or jump starter is plugged in. If there isn’t, check to see if there are any obstructions in the electrical lines near your home. If so, contact an electrician to fix the problem.
  • Verify that the battery is properly plugged into the charger. Make sure that both ends of the charger are plugged into an appropriate outlet and that the battery is properly inserted into the charger.
  • Try different charging outlets. If one outlet works but other outlets don’t, try using a different outlet or inserting the battery into another device to see if that helps charge it up.

Halo Bolt Acdc Wireless Won’t Charge

Halo Bolt Air

If your halo bolt acdc wireless won’t charge, there might be a few things that can be done to try and fix the issue. The first thing to check is if the AC adapter is plugged into an outlet and the battery is plugged into the charger. If the battery is plugged in, make sure that the charging cable is plugged into the charger and not loose.

If everything is checked and still no charge, then it might be necessary to replace the AC adapter. If the battery charger still doesn’t work, then the problem may be with the Halo Bolt ACDC wireless jump starter itself.

Halo Jump Starter Manual

  1. Plug the jumper cables into the jump start output on the HALO BOLT AIR. Make sure the jumper cables are fully plugged into the jump start output before trying to jump your vehicle.
  2. Attach the jumper cable clamps to the vehicle battery. – Red clamp on positive terminal (+), – Black clamp on negative terminal (-).
  3. Do not touch red (positive) and black (negative) clamps together at any point. If the jump start button flashes red, the jumper cables have been connected incorrectly. If this flashing red condition occurs, disconnect the jumper cables from the HALO BOLT AIR and vehicle battery and restart the process from Step 1.
  4. Press the “Jump Start” button and wait for the solid green light. A flashing green light indicates safety checks are in progress.
  5. Start your vehicle. 

Note: The HALO BOLT AIR will allow 3 consecutive jump-start attempts after each time you press the jump start button. You must allow up to 15 seconds between each jump-start attempt. During the 15 seconds, the jump start button will flash green while the HALO BOLT AIR performs its safety checks.

Once the jump start button illuminates solid green, the HALO BOLT AIR is ready for the next jump start attempt. If your vehicle does not start after three attempts, we recommend you consult a certified mechanic.

How to charge halo bolt air?

Before using your HALO BOLT AIR for the first time, fully charge it (so that pressing any button, displays 100% on the digital screen).

To charge your HALO BOLT AIR, use the provided Wall Charging Adapter, and plug the AC adapter plug into the charge input. Next, connect the AC adapter to a wall outlet. The HALO BOLT AIR will automatically begin charging. When the HALO BOLT AIR is fully charged, allfive battery indicator lights will be solid green and the digital screen will indicate 100% charge. (This could take up to 9 hours).

While charging, the digital screen will illustrate the charge percentage of the HALO BOLT AIR. When fully charged, disconnect the cable.

How to reset halo air bolt?

  1. Turn off the unit and disconnect it from the vehicle you are trying to jump start.
  2. Open the battery compartment and remove the battery cables (the cables will appear as large black or gray wires).
  3. Hold down the RESET button for 5 seconds until it sounds like a beep, then release it.
  4. Close the battery compartment and connect your jumper cables to both terminals of each battery terminal on top of your vehicle’s engine block.
  5. Connect one end of each jumper cable to one side of your jump starter’s charger socket (make sure that you are connecting your jumper cables correctly!), then connect the other end of each jumper cable to another vehicle’s battery terminal (make sure that the two vehicles have their own separate batteries!).


Halo Bolt is a company that makes some of the most popular and well-known jump starters on the market. However, no matter how many times you hit the reset button or how loudly you shout, sometimes your Halo Bolt just doesn’t seem to want to start up again. In this article, we’re going to show you exactly how to fix all of the most common Halo Bolt jump starter problems so that you can get your device back up and running as soon as possible.