Honest Suaoki Jump Starter Review|10 Good Reasons To Use U28

Today, this is the latest Suaoki Jump Starter Review and why we need one to have an easier time topping off our vehicles as well as other useful ways to use it.

How do you want your traveling start? A lot of people are talking about this Suaoki jump starter to start the car. Nowadays more and more people choose Suaoki jump starter to start the vehicle. This is an important tool that can help a lot when you are in an emergency situation. 

Apart from this jump starter, the Everstart maxx is also a great product.

Suaoki Jump Starter Review

The Device Safety

Here are some of the safety features you can find in the Suaoki Jump Starter.

Suaoki Jump Starter has a smart protection mechanism which ensures the safety of your car and prevents it from any kind of damage. The device also has reverse polarity protection which protects it from overcharge, over-discharge and over-temperature.

Protection from short circuit: The thing that most people worry about while using a jump starter is short-circuiting the battery. A short circuit may cause damage to the electrical system of your car or even cause it to catch fire.

The best part is that the device has inbuilt LED lights which help you in finding the correct terminal when you are trying to connect the jumper cable to your car battery.

The High Capacity

The Suaoki Jump Starter is a compact and portable battery booster, which can be used to jump start your car, truck, motorcycle or boat (jump starting up to 3.5L gas or 2.5L diesel engines) in the case of a dead battery. You can also use it to charge your electronic devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.) and to power 12V/10A appliances such as mini-refrigerators, mini-vacuums, lights and more.

The High Quality

Suaoki is a brand that specializes in jump starters and other automotive accessories. The company has been around for several years and has received high ratings from thousands of customers.

The Suaoki Jump Starter comes with an inbuilt smart cable that is designed to protect itself and the vehicle from any damage due to overcharging and short circuits. The 12V power supply outlet can be used to charge other devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc. 

The Emergency Flashlight

In case you are in the dark, there is an emergency flashlight function that could help you to start your car. It is also a red flash alert light, which could be of important use in case of an accident.

The emergency flashlight has three different modes:

  • Normal Mode: The light stays on. You can use this for lighting up the surroundings, like when you are walking at night or need to find something in the dark.
  • Strobe Mode: The light flashes on and off. This can be used as a distress signal if you get lost or are in need of help.
  • SOS Mode: The light flashes in Morse code, spelling out the letters “SOS”. This is another way to get someone’s attention if you need help.

You can turn on the light by pressing the On/Off button once and turning it off by pressing it again. You can switch between modes by holding down the On/Off button for about three seconds.

While holding down the button, you will hear a tone each time you switch modes, with three tones corresponding to Normal Mode, Strobe Mode, and SOS Mode respectively.

The USB Ports

This Suaoki jump starter review tell you the fact that this tool can also be used as a power bank. It has two USB ports on the jump starter. One is a 5V/2A port, the other is a Quick Charge 3.0 5V/3A;9V/2A;12V/1.5A port. The USB ports can charge your phone, tablet or any other USB devices.

The USB ports are very handy to use when camping or traveling since you don’t want to lug around an extra battery pack just to charge your phone or tablet. You can also use these ports to charge your power tools on the job site if you’re doing any construction work.

The Complete Package

Suaoki U28 Jump Starter

The Suaoki Jump Starter comes in a very neat looking package that is easy to carry and store. The package includes the following items:

  • 1 x Suaoki Jumper Clamps with Battery Terminal Adapters
  • 1 x Suaoki Power Bank with USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Suaoki Jumper Clamps USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Guide

The Protective Features

There are many protection features are found in a Suaoki jump starter.

Reverse Polarity Protection: it will remind the user of wrong clamps connection via LED display and buzzer sound, to avoid reverse connection when the clamps touch each other accidentally.

Anti-spark Protection: it will spark-proof if the clamps connect reversely and automatically power off when short circuit due to its intelligent circuit design.

Overcharge/Overcurrent/Overvoltage/Overheating/Short Circuit Protection: it will protect the jump starter from being damaged by overcharge, overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating and short circuit. So you don’t need to worry about safety at all when using this jump starter.

The Compatibility

The Suaoki Jump Starter has a wide range of compatibility, so you can be sure to use it on any vehicle. It works with 12v vehicles and with 6-cylinder cars and equipment. Moreover, it works with diesel engines as well, so if you have a diesel engine car, you can be sure that this jump starter will work perfectly fine for your situation.

The Power Bank Function

Suaoki’s jump starter is a 20000mAh portable power bank that can be used to charge most smartphones and other portable devices. It includes a cigarette lighter adapter, so it can charge most vehicles as well.

This power bank has been proven to operate perfectly in extreme temperatures, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. The unit is heavy duty enough to perform under the harshest conditions and is designed to survive falls and other mishaps.

This product works with most of the major brands of smartphones, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10, Google Pixel series and many more.

The Full 24 Months Warranty

The Suaoki Jump Starter comes with a full 24 months warranty protecting your product against any quality issues. However, if you are not satisfied with the product or have any problems using it, Suaoki also offers an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee for your convenience.

The Best Suaoki Jump Starter: Suaoki U28 2000a

Suaoki U28 2000 Amp jump starter is a powerful device with which you can jump start your car battery any time. This is a portable device that can be kept in your car, it comes with some amazing features and can be used to charge smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Suaoki U28 makes use of lithium-ion battery and offers a whopping peak current of 2000 amps. This is a gadget that can be used as an emergency power bank wherever you go. It has USB port too, so you can use it for charging your phones, tablets or other electronics gadgets.

The Suaoki U28 is a compact and lightweight jump starter that can start any type of vehicle up to 10L gasoline/diesel engine with 2000mAh of peak current output and 6600mAh capacity. It is equipped with safety protection features such as over-current protection and short circuit protection to keep your car safe from any electrical hazard.

It comes with an LED flashlight that has three modes: high beam, low beam and strobe light so you can easily find your way in darkness. The device also features built-in compass to let you know where you are heading while driving through unfamiliar areas at night time.

The jump starter works just like any other jump starter out there. All you have to do is connect the clamps to the car battery terminals and press the power button on the device. If everything goes well then it will instantly start your car battery which has gone dead due to some reasons.

If you want to own one of the best jump starters for cars then Suaoki U28 is definitely one of the products that you should consider buying.

Final Thoughts of Suaoki Jump Starter

SUAOKI Jump Starter

We hope this Suaoki Jump Starter review will answer all your questions. If you don’t have time to charge the electric car battery, you can use Suaoki jump starter. It’s portable and ergonomic and it can be used to jump start your car or other vehicles. So when you need it, there it is. After using Suaoki jump starter, I am sure you will like it because the energy is delivered in a quick and powerful manner.