How To Use And Charge Dbpower djs50 jump starter?

The Dbpower djs50 jump starter (Check Price on is a fantastic little stylish portable booster pack to recharge your 12-volt vehicle battery that works as a power bank too. Looking at it you can easily say that it looks like a more expensive, better-capacity portable power station and indeed it does, with added features many others do not offer. It’s great for boosting dead car batteries and as a portable charger for various devices like cellphones, tablets and other gadgets.

Jump Starter Kit Dbpower DJS50 Jump Starter

Know More Dbpower DJS50 Jump Starter

Dbpower djs50 jump starter

The Dbpower djs50 jump starter is one of the most powerful starters you can buy. It can start engines up to 9 times with its 12,000 mAh battery. While the Dbpower djs50 is small and lightweight it has a 12,000mAh battery that can start vehicles with up to 5L gas or 3L diesel engines.

The Dbpower djs50 jump starter comes in a nice case with a micro USB cable, jumper cables, and a user manual. The casing is made of plastic so there are no metal parts that could short out when connecting it to the car battery. Dbpower djs50 has an extremely useful LCD screen that displays various data such as:

  • Battery percentage, Battery voltage 
  • Charging status, Type of charging 
  • Temperature, Air pressure 

Current The device also has safety features like:

  • Overcharge protection 
  • Short circuit protection 
  • Reverse polarity protection 
  • Overvoltage protection 
  • Over-discharge protection

Preparation for use Dbpower djs50 jump starter

To start using the device you need to charge it. Before charging, make sure that the power is turned off and red indicator light is flashing slowly. During charging, the red indicator will be on and green indicator will be off.

After the battery is fully charged you can use it to start your car. The first thing you have to do is to make sure that your car battery is completely dead. If it is not, don’t try to jump-start as it may damage the battery and Dbpower djs50 jump starter. If everything is okay, turn ignition off and remove the keys from the ignition. Connect positive (red) clamp of Dbpower djs50 jump starter to positive post of a car battery. Connect negative (black) clamp to negative post of a car battery or any metal part of vehicle (not visible in photo, but handle of black clamp has special textured part that can be used for this purpose).

Make sure clamps are well connected – otherwise they may slip away when you try to start your car engine. Now it’s time to start your engine. Press power button on device body for 2 seconds and wait until green light will turn on. You can also browse the product information for the Everstart Jump Starters before making a decision.

Charging The DJS50 Jump Starter

Let me first explain the symbols that are on your Dbpower djs50 jump starter.

The Battery symbol is an indicator of the battery status. If there is just one solid light, that means its currently charging. If there are two solid lights, that means it has reached 100%. The lightning bolt symbol indicates that you can use this to charge other devices via USB cable. When there is just one solid light, that means its currently charging. If there are two solid lights, that means it has reached 100%. The lightning bolt symbol indicates the ability to charge other devices via USB cable.

Before charging the Dbpower djs50 jump starter, be sure to read all safety precautions and instructions carefully. Charging the jump starter There are 2 methods of charging the jump starter, using either the AC charger or DC car charger. When using the AC charger, be sure to use only the supplied AC charger and connect it to a standard household AC outlet. Do not charge or operate the jump starter while it is in a vehicle. The recommended ambient temperature range for operating and charging is -4°F (-20°C) to 122°F (50°C).

If the ambient temperature is outside this range, allow it to reach within this temperature range before charging or operating it. The LED status indicator will stay lit RED during charging and turn GREEN when completely charged. Under normal use, a complete charge takes about 3-5 hours.

Using The DJS50 Jump Starter

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We know that the Dbpower djs50 jump starter is a power supply, so how to use it? We can see that there are two input interfaces and one output interface in the picture. The red is input, and the black is output. Use the car charger when charging! The red interface is inserted into the car, and the black interface is inserted into the jump starter. This will charge your jump starter. We need to charge it for at least 6 hours before we can use it normally. You can only use it when you hear a beep sound after 6 hours of charging. The next step is how to use it? 

  1. Connect the battery jump starter clamps to the vehicle battery terminals. Red clip on positive (+) and black clip on negative (-).
  2. Turn on the Dbpower djs50 jump starter by pressing the power switch button
  3. Once the unit is turned on, all lights will illuminate for 3 seconds. 4. Starter motor must not be cranked for more than
  4. seconds at a time. If engine does not start within 4 seconds, turn off ignition and wait 10 seconds before trying again (do not crank engine continuously).
  5. After the engine is started, disconnect jump starter in reverse order from attachment. Remove black clamp from negative (-) first, then remove red clamp from positive (+).
  6. Wait at least 2 minutes before attempting to jump another vehicle or before recharging the unit.

Turning On Dbpower DJS50 Jump Starter

Before start:

  • Check the indicator light, and make sure the power is full.
  • Ensure the input voltage of your car matches the operating voltage of Dbpower djs50 jump starter.
  • Connecting the power cord with charger head to Dbpower djs50 jump starter, and then connect to a socket/charger (5V/1A).
  • The indicator light keeps red while charging and turns green after fully charged.

Turning Off Dbpower DJS50 Jump Starter

After you have the engine started, check to see if the engine is running normally. If the engine is running normally, turn off the Dbpower djs50 jump starter and remove the clamps. If a vehicle fails to start, wait several minutes before attempting to boost again.

To avoid jump-starting a dead battery, you should use a voltmeter or multimeter to check its voltage first. Connect the meter’s red lead to the positive terminal of the battery and its black lead to the negative terminal. If your meter shows a reading of 12.6 volts or more, then your battery has sufficient charge for starting your car. Otherwise, it will need some help from a jump starter. If your battery has low charge but not completely dead, you can recharge it using your car’s alternator by driving around for about 30 minutes or so. You can also recharge it using a charger that connects directly to its terminals.

Both methods are typically faster and easier than using a jump starter, although they may not be possible if you’re stranded on a highway with no other cars nearby, or at home without access to an alternate power source like an AC outlet.

Using The Power Bank Function

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1.Press the power switch for 3 seconds to start up, and the digital tube shows “0”, which means that there is no electricity; 2.When charging a mobile phone, press the power switch for 1 second to turn on the mobile phone interface, and connect with the data cable;3.When charging a tablet computer, press the power switch for 2 seconds to turn on the tablet computer interface, and connect with the data cable; 4.When charging a laptop computer, press the power switch for 3 seconds to turn on the laptop computer interface, and connect with the data cable; 5.Connect it to your car battery with its clamps in the right order (make sure that your car engine is off).

Safety Tips Dbpower DJS50 Jump Starter

  • Always read the instruction manual carefully before starting to use the product.
  • Don’t allow children or people with disabilities to use this product without adult supervision.
  • Don’t use this product in a flammable area (such as gas station).
  • Keep this product away from heat source and direct sunlight exposure.
  • Don’t place this product in high temperature, high humidity, dust and corrosive environment.
  • Don’t touch the clamp with your hands when it is connected to a vehicle battery, otherwise it may cause sparks or other injuries if short circuit occurs between two clamps or two terminals of a battery.  
  • If you notice smoke, burning smell or other strange odor/noises from the unit, immediately stop using it and contact this customer service hotline for help; otherwise it may cause fire, burn or other injuries and property damage.
  • Don’t put this product into water or any other liquid to prevent electric shock and fire hazard; never expose it under the rain or snow for long time to avoid short circuit or malfunction caused by moisture inside the unit or corrosion of internal component due to extended exposure under wet conditions.


Recently, we have introduced a new type of jump starter named Dbpower djs50. It is also known as a car jump starter because it is powered by an inbuilt battery. This kind of device has gained much popularity in the market. It is not very difficult to use one.